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Seminar Centre Part IV

Excerpt from the Internet:

"Hanau: Tobias Rathjen - how a bank clerk became a right-wing terrorist

Peter Maxwill

It is painful to examine the life of the perpetrator, of all people, after the bloody deed of Hanau.

But it is also important in order to be able to draw the right Conclusions."

 Free English translation on 26 October 2021.

The German language document you may find here!

Dear Sirs, Dear Psychiatrists, Dear Readers,

If you and your kind would arrange your lives a little more reality-oriented, then you should have noticed long ago that behind every such "affected person", as for example the above-mentioned Mr. T. R. was, there is something extraordinary, in that his or rather such a view of things and connections and "truths" between life and death are always well-founded.

My person can probably do a great deal with his statements and would probably have been able to find out a great deal more during his lifetime if I had been able to speak to and question him myself!

Quite apart from that, he, his mother and the killed people from a "different culture and race coming" would with a great probability still be alive, because he would have received enough support in correcting his "elaborations or misguided conclusions " through his commitment, into which he was quite obviously born!

Since, according to my knowledge, he additionally turned to the official contact points before his act and they did not recognise the threats by him and by something or someone "else", it then regrettably probably led "in his desperation" to this massacre of vigilante justice!

Also so that the relatives of the murdered people from Hanau should know that no one died "in vain", my person wanted to deliver these lines, but also so that in the future please ensure that the repeatedly mentioned implementation in the matter by means of such e . g . effected persons, who have to actively move between life and death, will move and stay in the premises, where these people normally belong in their present or expected condition!

With this, the accessible castles of the world are once again "called in", as my person could meet these affected people and their relatives on site during their cultural journeys, in order to bring about a clarification in this regard in the matter and commission of our Creator of all.

Quite obviously, my person can "do something" with the statements of the affected people of all cultures and races, especially if the language barrier can be overcome and in addition a curriculum vitae can be mentioned, which is probably quite obviously not possible for you as a so-called psychiatrist as a rule! (Correctly classify such partly special background thoughts.)

Now, of course, a plague has already broken out to "brake out" this way of solution, whereby the answers to many questions including the "cures" or " miracles" can be found in the old castles of all master countries through these already founded "tourism visits".

At the same time of the deed in Hanau, my person drafted and delivered the following letter:

Animal Transports Without Borders (

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

HP: We as humanity should all be thankful that it is quite obviously the wish and will of all our Creation to preserve us too and to save us from disaster and doom.

By praying alone, it will certainly not be possible to realise this intention and enterprise, but by the execution of His "unfathomable" ways!

Germany, Luebeck, 22.02.2020

Note: Xenophobia and Hatred always have a common Cause and that is: Fear!