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Seminar Centre part V


The German language document you may find here!


One of the greatest threats to mankind are people themselves!

Industry and humanity

Dear Readers,

Today my person wanted to give another seminar hour but the time to "make oneself smart" is already finished, since the theory is not allowed to overshadow or catch up with the practice and thus the implementation in the matter and commission!

Today's news of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes or convulsions of nature clearly show, what is going on!


Very violent convulsions of nature (9/10) before 20 hours on 26.02.2020 at 13:50 a. m. in France/ Val-de Meuse, proximity Nancy, with a perverse comment: "Penis in the ass ah aha ah ah ah ohhhhhh."

Very violent convulsions of nature (9/10) before 4 hours on 26.02.2020 at 13:50 a. m. in Indonesia, Tanimbar Island Reg., Kandat, Selaru, with the comment: "Beyond the violent. Indescribable."

The associated earthquake today on Tanimbar Island Reg. of Indonesia also shows a quark with the magnitude of 6.0 on the Richter scale with a depth of 56 km!

Even it is no matter to be trifled with!

It cannot be possible for a born Empress to have to clean the stairs at this advanced time and let you and your peers also play your dirty and sick games with the Empress' sister at the highest cost " than ever before“!

Come round before nothing goes on, because the next epidemic and the next catastrophe will surely come!

Please, make sure immediately, that my person receives her hard-earned pocket money in good time by fulfilling the conditions!

Please, bear in mind, that the conditions already announced, which affect the population, may vary, because my person will literally put the population on the chamber pot, even if another disease is added!

And this is well-known to everybody!

This is basically due to the people themselves, because if the imbalance of the population strata due to poverty in some countries of the world is so great, that some people on earth have to move with the crawlers and wastes of industrialization and by that the hygiene is not possible, then one day the bill will come to all people and force them to their knees!

Be knowledgable and think quickly, because the epidemics do not stop, even not against the different cultures of humanity!

Keep in mind that there are a few people in the world, who can "tell you and your peers to get off"!

Germany, Luebeck, 26 th of February